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Snow Plowing


Do any of you guys have a sq. ft. charge you use in determining a lot you are plowing?  if so do you mind sharing that Info.  I'm just getting into plowing this season, and don't want to cut myself short.



I'm not in the business either, but from what I've read people charge per push or per hour or having contracts in place which define the scope of work.  I'm sure someone else will chime in and help ya some more.

Turf Blaster:
You can check out our posted hourly pricing at
We also offer per push and seasonal rates.

I don't quote by the sq. ft. either.

My commercial customers are contracted for the year with an end of event cleanup clause in place.
The residential customers are billed by the push, with a 3 inch trigger.

Not a good year for residential plowing, around here. The commercial contracts have worked out well though.


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