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Sprayboom nozzles


Ray, are there TeeJet stream nozzles that I can use to gain more to the sides of my boom?  I've seen them around, somewhere.   

I believe there may be one larger extender nozzle than we use.  The TeeJet rep was in last week and we were talking about that.   I might be able to post more info tomorrow.

What diameter nozzle are you looking for? A 1" 50/500 is about 25' wide. Are you looking for wider than that? A 50/1000 is about 35' wide but is also 1 1/2" diameter I believe.

BLM,  There is one step up in extender nozzles.  Beyond that we would have to go multiple nozzles.   The price on the larger nozzles is $ 47.95 each.  I do have a few in stock.  If you want them give us a call. 

We are looking at going to that nozzle standard when we need more nozzles.   I think a little more output on the side units would be a good thing.


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