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4x4 Banjo Pump

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4x4 Banjo Pump

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Got a big crack in mine and need a new or used one. Any thoughts on place and prices to pick one up. Just do not think I can weld the cast iron as the crack is 10 inches long and runs from the front pump housing to the boat facing on the rear pump housing.


Dave, Welcome back. Long time no see.  :)

Hows business treating you over this past year?

Sorry to hear about the crack. I'm sure someone with the experience will come along shortly.

Nice to see you on the forum again.

Dave, I will go poking around our graveyard and see if we have any used 4" housings.   We can get you a new one if you need it.

This is crack season.  This time of the year we get a lot of calls from people with cracked housings.  Sometimes it is a case where they forgot to winterize thier unit but I will pass along a few comments in case it might help someone in the future.  I can recall one customer telling me he drained his unit completely and was standing there with the plug in his hand trying to think what do do with it so he could find it in the spring so he decided since the water was out to put it finger tight in the hole it came out of.  Don't do that.  Water can settle in from various places.  If you have one of our 300 or 500 units with the bale hopper or an easy lawn with the molded hopper and store it outside rain can collect in the bale hopper, come in through the vent and creae a problem.

The other thing that can happen is if you drain your unit completely but don't clean it out well then you can sometimes have a lot of mulch remaining in your pump which is moist and can freeze and crack your pump.  Make sure you clean your unit thoroughly before you winterize it.

Some people will winterize with RV anti-freeze.  If you go that route make sure you don't delute it with water remaining in your system and make sure if you have a bale tray and store your unit outside that you tarp or cover the bale tray otherwise rain can dillute the rv antifreeze. 

I looked around and don't see any used 4" Banjo Pump housings.  Sorry,  We can get a new one for you if you want.


You can absolutely repair your pump. I had a 15" crack split wide open right down the side of my castiron pump. I used brazing rod and welded it back together.
Originally it leaked just a tiny dribble when I ran straight water through the pump. Once mulch was added, the crack sealed itself from the inside and never leaked a drop again. Worked fantastic to be honest with you.
I had to make 2 or 3 passes with over with the crack with the rod because mine had seperated considerably. The end result wasnt pretty to look at but it saved me $800!!

Actually I just found these pictures that I had posted on this forum in either 04 or 05'. Hope this helps.



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