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Quik Turf:
Does anybody out there use their hydroseeder for anti-icing,and de-icing. I have a couple seeders and a water truck,that I would like to use.Instead of using salt, I would like to use calcium chloride,my problem is that instead of odering in liquid form, I would like to order in powdered form and mix it in a seeder, transfer it to my water truck and spray. Am, I way off base? Thanks BillQT

ice in florida?
We use Magic salt. by far the best product out there, use it with bulk salt..
In my opinion you will never beable to repalce bulk salt. atleast not at a comparable price.

Quik Turf:
Messiers, I have relocated for the winter. My question was, that I want to use calcium chloride ,as mostly an anti-icing agent. From what I have read,calcium chloride comes in pellet, or liquid. I want to mix powder in a hydroseeder,and spray it, out of my water truck,is that possible. I have not been able to locate a product that.fits my needs. Thanks for answering BillQT

I have had lots of guys using hydro seeders for anti-icing sprayers but most all that I know of bought the liquid.  I guess CC flakes desolve pretty easily so as long as you don't add it too fast it has a chance of working.  I doubt that you would hurt anything on your unit trying it.   I guess one concern is if the flakes would desolve as fast when the water starts to get saturated with CC.

I will agree with Zach that Magic is a great product.   I think most of the guys doing anti-icing in New England are using it.   The biggest drawback is that it is expensive.   I see liquids taking off much slower in New England than in places like Michigan where most of the guys are spraying CC or well brine.   They are paying 40-60 cents a gallon for their liquid and can save a lot of money over using granular products.   Maybe not as much as last year when salt was scarce and high priced but still a good savings.   I will agree with Zach also that if you are spraying Magic you probably are not much if any cheaper than salt but pretreating salt with it can be very cost effective.

Quik Turf:
Ray, I am trying not to have to buy a salt spreader,just use my equiptment,how do you use a salt brine generator


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