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Can I use my seeder as is for anti-ice applications?


I have an EasyLawn Model: L65 (650 gallon). I've read some in the forums about others using their seeder for anti-ice applications but I'm wondering if I need to modify my seeder in any way ie: can I use the standard hose and nozzle, and pump?

You should be able to use that unit just fine for anti-ice applications.

Could you use the standard hose and nozzle.   Well, you could but I don't think it is the best way to go.   Perhaps your application ideas are different than I expect but most guys what to use a boom if you are doing parking lots, roads etc.   For sidewalks and steps a hose and nozzle are fine but you might want a smaller nozzle.

Most guys want a boom.  We sell one that a lot of people seem to really like and for reference it is $ 495.00 for a single lane turret boom.  We do have cheaper booms and boom set ups as well.

You might find it pretty advantageous to be able to shut the boom off and turn it off from the cab.   We have a hydroseeder/in cab controller set up for around $ 450.00.   I have never looked that close at how easy lawn sets up their hose so it might need a few changes but should be workable.  You can see the boom and get some info at   

There are also other companies who make booms and I would be happy to give you a list if you wish.   Otherwise we would be happy to help in any way we can.


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