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which fuel button do u push????

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which fuel button do u push????

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slc tm35:
man oh man last year we bought a new carb on our scag mower(after the repair man cleaned it twice). now our grass hopper machine has been cleaned once and still runs bad (he's saying again to much ethanol need a new carb and lines???????? weed eaters carbs were all cleaned this winter and blower's!!! yall having any problems with this darn ethanol or is it a big scam????? i dont know after i watched this vid!!!!!

So far I haven't had any issues with any of the gas engines on my own stuff at home or the Kohler engines on the Finn machines. We do put fuel stabilizer in all the gas engines late fall before they go into storage. Don't know if that has helped but they all start in the spring.

My Scag has been running terrible. I've cleaned the carb out twice - last fall and early this season. It improves, but quickly starts running rough after a few days of cutting. I don't have an answer, but can see your point. The blowers and string trimmers don't seem to be suffering any ill effects, but time will tell.

I had an echo trimmer just stop altogether last year. Nothing worked to get it running. Off to the dumpster after stripping what I could use off of it.

slc tm35:
marks u using 10% ethanol ????? just curious

There is a product called sea foam. It comes in an 8 ounce can. When you add it to gas or diesel it clears up any crap in the fuel.
I usually get it at my local auto parts store and i have seen it at walmart...of all places.


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