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So ?I know the rate you charge depends greatly on the cost of the material, gas, and labor and so on but what is a going rate and is it a per lane mile or square foot? From what i have found 1 lane mile equals 63,360 sq. ft.

Also do you charge more for de-icing as apposed to anti-icing? (driving on ice vs on dry pavement)

If you are talking about hydroseeding rates it is most commonly by the square foot. Some are by the sq yd or by the acre or by the unit which equals 1000 sq ft. .06 to .10 per sq ft is about the range that prices can be depending on which part of the country your in. Also size of the job also has a lot to do with price. Large jobs will go for less per sq ft then small jobs. I have no clue what a lane mile is. If it is 10' wide it would be 52800 sq ft, if it is 20' wide it would be 105600 sq ft. Most overlay jobs it would be around 21000 sq ft at 4' wide.

Sorry i am talking about de-icing and anti-icing rates.


I think in most cases if it is a parking lot you would charge by the acre and if it is a road you would charge by the mile or portion thereof. 

I would suggest computing your material cost for the job and then multiplying that by a number somewhere around 5 - 7.  You can change that number as it suits you. 

For Example if Lowes called you and wanted you to anti-ice their parking lot and it was two acres.   If you were to apply the material at 30 gallons per acre and were paying 40 cents a gallon for material then you would have 60 gallons of material x 40 cents or 24.00 in material.  That would mean you could charge anywhere from $ 120 - $ 170.00 per application.     Sometimes for de-icing you would be applying the material heavier so you would do the same.   


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