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--- Quote from: Chaser on Thu November 14, 2013, 08:24:56 AM ---I've been seeing about $5.00 plus for a gallon for liquid deicer

--- End quote ---

That is pretty high.  I think you can find better if you shop around.  Among the materials that the pro's are using the highest I have seen is Magic Salt at about 3 bucks a gallon.  Do an internet search for "Calcium Chloride" and call some of the people who sell it and I think you will find a much better price. 

I contacted some of the suppliers on your site that are close to me but most of them want me to call them but with my current work schedule is next to impossible

After doing some more research i plan on putting the liquid deicing on the backburner until people gain more interest in it. This will save about $3,000 in start up costs.

My guess is that it will be far easier to sell the hydroseeding services than spraying the liquids so that might be the best course of action.  If you were already in the snow removal business then that might be a different story. 

You are doing a nice job of analyzing everything.


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