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fix old machine or buy brand new??

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slc tm35:
Hey guy's its been a long time since visiting this site hope all is well.
Here's my predicament the freeze got to our pump on our tm35 (09 easy lawn). the crack is literally three nice size cracks.
A welder looked at it and said "its not worth it man"... See pic
We've always wanted to upgrade so i contacted EPIC. My choice is buy the bigger pump and engine and install on my 8 year old machine. or for 2 grand more just buy the new l30??

If the tank is in good shape, I would just replace the pump for now. Take the savings and invest in a new/used seeder later down the road.

Finn Guy:
If the L30 will do what you need it to do for your business, I'd say buy it now if you're resolved to do so.  Perhaps you can repair the older machine at your leisure and have it as a spare, or you could sell it repaired or as is.  Regardless, I think you'll have peace of mind with the new L30 knowing that you'll be ready to go as soon as it gets there.  Good luck.

Chris - As echoed by the responders, if you have he money and want the two year warranty on a new machine - go for it.  If your money is tight, opt for the replacement pump and save the two grand, but be ready to have someone do the repairs if you aren't good with wrenches.

I'm surprised your pump cracked, but next year, be sure to remove the plug and let the water out of the pump and plumbing so it doesn't freeze and happen again.

slc tm35:
Thanks everyone still weighing my options. I did drop the pump off today at a welders shop and thinks “it’s a 50-50 shot”.
I coulda sworn we drained the pump like we do every year but somehow it got over looked.


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