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C125 Pump Options


I'm looking at purchasing an '08 C125 with a bad pump.  Is it possible to switch this to a Bowie Gear or other builder Vortex pump?  If so what's required (other than a new pump/mount) to enable it?

I have a little more experience with centrifugal and gear pumps than vortex pumps.  For the most part if the inlet and outlet lines are properly plumbed, the unit is securely mounted and the input shaft is turning in the right direction and somewhere close to the right speed you should not have an issue.

One thing to check.  Centrifugal pumps usually have an input speed about the same as the engine RPM.  Bowie gear pumps, however, need the input speed not to exceed 400 RPM.  I am not sure if the input for the pump on your C125 is geared down or not but it is one more factor to consider.


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