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« on: Mon May 01, 2023, 10:30:44 AM »
Hello all name is Tyler and I am new to hydroseeding. I am looking for advice. I recently completed my first job and 2 days after we had a substantial rainfall. As a result I had a lot of washout. I was wondering if this is normal or something I did wrong.
Job Details:
38,000 Sqft sandy topsoil mix was really dry when I was spraying it would just ball up, I would spray a tank load of water then apply hydroseed.
Northeast NC
I am renting a Finn T60 currently
Mix was 4-50lb Profile 50/50 wood blend (machine would not spray with 5 bags) this is the only mulch Horizon distributors had.
Tall fescue blend at 8 lbs/1000
25lbs fert
20lbs/1000 Pellet lime
2 capfulls turbo turf tackifier

Any and all advice would be helpful, I have already told homeowner that we will see what germinates then respray what we need to.
Please feel free to contact me directly 

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Re: Washout
« Reply #1 on: Fri May 05, 2023, 06:57:34 AM »
IMO you are under and over on your tank loads, on the t-60 (600 gallon)
I would have loaded per tank load,
6 bails mulch , i know you said it wouldn't spray more then 4 unfortunately
50 pounds seed
20 pounds fert
10-15  pounds lime
then just under 3 pounds of tack depending on if its turbo or other.

everyone is different in their tank loads regardless of the optimal requirments per load .  also comes down to how you load the tank to start . I like filling 1/4 water , dump 1/4 seed , fill water 1/2  ,add half the bails half & other stuff mix/run 10 minutes then fill 3/4 add rest of products and mix again then good to sparay.

as for the ground balling up on the dryness, usually a quick misting of water cures it in my experience  but if not i do a  pattern T back and forth if that makes sense  on low idle or a angled up high spray facing straight down sort of  and that usually does the trick for me... Also dont know how much this plays into it but i have a habit of adding some dawn dishsoap in the tanks also..

Maybe this can help maybe not but I know how it goes when your just starting out , basically a trial and error process on tank loads sometimes.  Good luck I hope it works out for you.  A 38k property is awesome on just starting.   edit: on side note all my machines are jet agitated besides one 300 that is paddle , far as im concerend thou that t-60 shouldnt have had any issues doing more then 4 bags on a load .  maybe someone else will chime in for you ..
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