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Sat July 03, 2021, 01:46:48 PM by Ecosgriff | : 243 | : 1

We just hydroseeded lawn 2 weeks ago... had alot of rain fall at night after a week of 90 degree weather. Was on top of the watering but seems as though was over watered.   It seems like fungus. Stopped watering until dries up... Not sure if this is correct thing to do. Please someone help!! It was so beautiful now I am afraid it's done for.  Attached are pictures.
Fri July 02, 2021, 01:38:28 PM by togabrennan | : 293 | : 5

Hey all! hydroseed applied on 6/24. Lawn is currently coming in like attached. We're looking at some of it being about 3" high should I wait another few weeks to give it a first mow or go for it now to promote thickening up? I reached out to the company that did it asking about the seed type (new construction lawn subcontracted, gave us no information) and their recommendations but I haven't heard back.


Thanks, Brennan  ;D
Thu July 01, 2021, 02:01:09 PM by conc2steel | : 167 | : 4

Folks, I'm in NC and have run into a scenario where Wood Mulch is back-ordered at least 12 weeks... are you seeing the same in your areas?  If not, could you please post your supplier info... I've got a 30 Acre project with wood mulch specified and would like to execute it with the mulch specified vs try to get the contract adjusted to go with an FGM (which is available).
Wed June 16, 2021, 08:15:31 PM by EvergreenD | : 250 | : 1

Finished the dirt work on a 16k sq ft yard today. Brought entire area up about 2-3" with topsoil from the other side of the yard. Hit it with a harley rake and a hand rake, its nice and level, and the soil looks like moon dust. I did a little self test kit for the ph and npk. Ph looked to be 5-6 on the color chart, npk was all low. I got excited today and sprayed 4k sq ft today with sahara bermuda, pourable mulch and just a little bit of triple 19.  What are your thoughts on my grasses outcome? ...
Tue June 15, 2021, 06:09:52 PM by kns5024 | : 289 | : 5

We had our lawn hydroseeded on June 3rd. The company that did it advised keeping it watered down but only morning and night with heavier watering in the morning and lighter watering at night as to not create disease issues. We were advised not to water in the middle of the day so that we don't burn the seed, so we have been doing 30-40 minutes before 8AM and 15-20 minutes at 6pm.

We have a mix of shade and sun on our property. In the areas where we have shade we are seeing decent gro...
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