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Quik Turf:
I just got back from north Georgia, and I bought 4-275 gal totes for $90 each,is that a decent deal ? I do not know. It cost me $60 in fuel, plus 6 hours in time, He has at least 50 of them,but he has no interest in arranging shipping. I am going to buy at least 6 more for calcium chloride. I do not know if anybody is interested,but maybe we can arrange something. Shipping from northern NC,[7 miles from Virginia border] may be a problem. Do not know what it would be to say, PA or NY.  I also talked to Mike at " " and he is capable of delivering LCC for a great price anywhere on the east coast, or other areas. I got a quote for .80 per gallon delivered. He is in Michigan,and it is a long way to NC,so it seems a good price VS. The magic stuff at $3.50 per gal. Thanks BillQT

I think Magic is a tough product to beat but I think the stuff the Chloride guy sells is also good and much more affordable.   I think you will be very happy with his product.   He does seem to be very active in the market and any comments I have heard about his product are favorable.

I just got off the phone with the Chloride guy and it does seem like he has a product than some of  you might want to take a hard look at and he does sell anywhere.  I just asked him to make a post about his product and services and hopefully he will. 

Quik Turf:
Thanks for paying attention Ray, I hope this product is what they say. I have talked to 3 guys , who use it, and they say it is great. Is anyone interested in the totes. Bill


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