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 I do not know of a company that is able to get good enough results with just liquids.

I have seen some guys doing fine with just liquids.  One of our early machines was to a guy not too far from you and when I last talked to him which was Mid Feb of the year he bought it he had done just fine with 100 percent liquids and loved using liquids.  I do see a lot of guys doing the same

BUT.......for most it is a tool in their arsenal and has times when it can save time and money and there are times that granular will work better.   Light snows, particularly light dry snows, anti-icing before a storm and the run of the mill snows are when it seems to work best.   Freezing rain seems to be when granular works better. 


--- Quote from: Quik Turf on Sat October 10, 2009, 06:38:02 PM ---Ray, I am trying not to have to buy a salt spreader,just use my equiptment,how do you use a salt brine generator

--- End quote ---

I am not sure what you are asking Bill.   To use a salt brine generator you add salt and water and get brine out.   Last year ones that worked were in the $ 60,000 range.   I think GVM may have one out for $ 9,000 now.  We had a cheap one out for a while but it was very slow.   There is a chance we may make one in the $ 2000.00 range if I ever get time to build it.

We never used our hydroseeder for de icing but I am learning threw repair wok on customers machines that it is very important to rinse the machine frequently or at least at the end of a days work. I am not familiar with the different types of anti icing products but on one machine it was allowed to sit overnight in the pump and it solidified. The next morning they went back to the job, reloaded and when they engaged the clutch, which is air operated of the remote and they were 200' away, it not only blew the clutch but bent the pump shaft as well. There was no way that pump could move that product was so hard we had to chisel it of the impeller. Next time I talk to them I will try to find out what it was they were using. Rinsing it out only takes a minute, took all day to fix that t-170.

thats why i like the magic salt. its already liquid form, does not freeze, and can sit in your machine ALL winter. we spray about 2500 gals during the winter on our salt piles.

I like it beacause it winterizes my small machine , i dont have to worry about anything.


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