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Asleep at the wheel John Deere Landscapes


I guess I haven't been paying much attention but didn't realize until today that John Deere was selling the John Deere Landscapes part of their business which happened a year ago.   JD will be retaining 40% of the ownership.   I am curious if anyone knows any more than I do about what the changes will be, if it will still be called JD Landscapes or go back to using the Lesco name or whatever.  I do hear they will be getting into more equipment. 

The new owners are an investment firm called CD & R who specialize in turning businesses around.
I got a thing in the mail asking for input on what they should change their name to.  In this area, as far as seeding materials go, they are quite difficult to deal with, as they don't cater to seeding contractors, so we rarely do business with them.

They also just made an announcement that they are purchasing the Shemin Nursery locations so we'll see them around in some other areas.  The two models are very similar so we'll see what happens with the group.

Gosh, talk about being asleep at the wheel which was the title of the thread.   I had never heard of Shemin Nursery (Shemin Landscape Supply) and one of their many stores is fairly close to me.   It looks like they have about 28 stores around the country.  They do seem to be more in the nursery business which may give some thoughts to where the new owners plan to take Lesco/JD Landscapes. 

It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Ya Shemin is pretty a big nursery that sells a large amount of stock around here (MA), great nursery to deal with.  They contacted me letting me know that were being bought by JD Landscapes.  I agree with ECSVA, around here (MA) they took over a irrigation store and now sell seed and other landscape products but are very difficult to deal with, they have a big chip on their shoulder and don't really want to talk to you unless your buying $100,000 worth of material or more out of their store.


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