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Press Release - Epic Manufacturing hires Neil Reinecker to lead sales


Jeff Clouser:
Press Release:

Due to rapidly increasing demand for the newly redesigned C330HO & C400HO HydroSeeders, Epic Manufacturing was forced to find an industry guru to bolster our sales team. With 40+ years of industry experience, Neil brings a vast level of knowledge and experience to Epic. His passion and enthusiasm for the hydroseeding equipment industry is sure to impress.  Give Neil a call today at (800) 638-1769 or contact him at

Neil Reinecker, Technical Sales Executive states, "I am so happy to be joining the team at Epic Manufacturing. Being part of the company that is leading the industry forward through innovation is such an honor. I have worked for many companies and held positions at all levels throughout this industry. I can honestly say, Epic Manufacturing builds one heck of a machine! I am excited to bring my years of experience and knowledge to the table. At this point, the sky is the limit!"

Jeff Clouser, General Manager says, "I have known Neil for 20 years and have often wondered if there would be an opportunity for him to join our team. The release of our newly redesign C330HO & C400HO has created organized chaos here at Epic. People are calling non-stop requesting information, demos and placing orders and we've been struggling to keep up. I knew that now was the right time to add Neil to our team. Heading up our sales efforts is a huge task and Neil is the perfect guy for the job!"

Congratulations to both you and Neil.  I have to agree that Neil has a wealth of experience and I wish you both the best of luck in your mutual efforts. 


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