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I bought a t120 in the spring Having pretty good results. If you have any advice on mix or rates of mulch please reply.70/30,100%wood?

To be of any help we have to first know a few things about you. Where are you located? What kind of seeding are you trying to do? Erosion Control, Turf grass, Wild Flowers, hydromulching, hydroseeding with straw, etc.

Im in Iowa hydroseeding turf grasses com and res using wood 100%now  using terra mulch 1500lbor2000lbs ?I just want little better results. competition throwing 2200lbs stopping erosion with little seed growth.There grading and seeding for .06 a square making market crappy and giving bad taste in customers mouth because of results.Thats why I would like advice on getting better results for my lawns.started putting hydromax in mix got better results.anyone else using this?What is slick shot? any advice on mixes or machine please respond.  

I am using Finn hydromax.  The best advise that i can give you is to buy quality seed, and do some soil tests in different areas and get a general idea of what the soil is like in different areas.  I had poor results the fisrt few jobs i did but i believe that it was seed related.  I bought what was supposed to be "quality",  however results were poor reguardless of where i seeded and what i did.


I sure would hate to think I was grading and seeding for 6cents a foot.

I am not firmilar with slickshot, I am assuming it is a poly tackifier similar to slicky sticky.

Taking a few soil samples is the fastest way to get you slurry mix right. Alot of people just throw in some fert and seed and think thats all thats needed. using the wrong fertilizer, or to much can be worse than using none at all. How do you tell what fertilizer blend to use and how much is needed? soil testing, no other way. You can try the trial and error method and eventually find something that works but I assure you that soil testing is a lot cheaper than the trial and error method, and the learning curve is a lot shorter.  

Visit the and see what their recommendations are for seed choices for your area. Seed manufactures dont intentionly mislead the consumer but just because their particular seed blend is rated number one in one area doesnt mean it is the best seed to use in all areas.The NETP test hundreds of seeds in dozens of areas around the country and then rates those seeds for each area that they where tested in. testing and ratings are based on color, texture, density, germination, diease resistance, drought tolerance, etc. Choice a seed that rates high on the NTEP list for your area and you will have one less thing to worry about.


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