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Great add on business

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Great add on business

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For those looking for a way to increase the profits and fill in those lost hours when they are not hydroseeding, dust control might be worth you looking into. If you own a hydroseeder, you already have the equipment.

I think you are right Muddstopper.    I am not meaning to tread on Durasoils threads but if someone wants to consider this we have booms that would work with most anyones unit and we also have a set up for in cab controls and the cost is not bad at all.  

We have a lot of different configurations but for a ball park idea booms start at about $ 395 for one lane and $ 895.00 for three lane.  In cab controllers start at $ 385.00 and run to about two grand for a unit that senses your speed with gps and speeds up, slows down or stops the flow depending on your ground speed.   Hopefully this might help someone be aware of how inexpensivly you can get into this add on business.

I have done a couple of long gravel driveways, and one large project.  All turned out pretty well, I'm still working with the mixes to see what works the best.  But had pretty good luck during the drought that we had this past summer.  I'm looking forward to doing more next summer.

JJ's Services:
Mike what do u use for a mix calcium chloride in bagged form than make your own liquid or something else.  What do you charge per square foot or square yard roughly.

JJ's Services:
Turbo I looked into the anti icing last year with the boom setups how quick can one change from the boom setup back to seeding on say a 500 eh model.


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