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Great add on business

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Great add on business

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Oh, somewhere between one  to ten minutes.   If you are not moving the machine you have to change one quick coupler and take off the boom.   If you are taking the machine out of the back of your truck and putting it on a trailer, ten minutes.

The booms slide into the hitch receiver on your truck.  They are adjustable for height so if you have a low truck and a high one you can set it for either in minutes.    You have a controller for the cab which most people just pass the wire through the window.  You have the one quick coupler that you plug in where you normally plug in your hose.   All you have to do is switch back to your hose and pull the pin on the boom and take it off.

We do have several different boom options.   The most popular is our turret boom.   It has 3 nozzles on a turret on the boom and you just dial in the nozzle you want.   For anti iciing you might like one straight nozzle for breaking through ice, one low speed fan and one higher speed fan.   You can also rotate them half way and that shuts them off so if you want to just do the tire tracks to save material you can turn off the other ones in seconds.   We also have a swivel nozzle boom and a flood jet type boom   The Flood jet boom is the best one with the gps controller and might be the best one for someone only doing dust control.  Hope this helps.   For anyone doing dust control the Durasoil product looks really amazing to me.    I think Rick opened some eyes at the IAHP meeting in CT.

Hey guys, thanks for noticing Desert Mountain's participation in the IAHP websiteso quickly.  In the next couple of days a couple of Desert Mountain's Soil Stabilization and Ice Melt experts will most likely join the forum.  They have had many years of experience and can offer some real expert advice.  In the meantime, you might want to check-out two of the products Desert Mountain distributes:

Soiltac can be described as Elmer's glue for soil.  At very light application rates it can be used as a takifier for hydroseeding mulch.  Combined with PAM and organic binders, it can give the mulch you already use BFM-like qualities.  It can provide medium and long-term dust control for construction sites, dirt roads and driveways.  At heavy application rates, it can provide up to 80% of the strength of concrete.  Best of all, it works incredibly well in hydroseeding machines.

Durasoil is an incredible synthetic organic dust control fluid that can also be applied with a hydroseeding machine.   Check-out Durasoil's website for some suggested uses for this product.

And Ray, thanks for the kind words.  I think it's great that you manufacture spray booms that make it easy to apply these products to parking lots, roads and large flat areas.  But it should be pointed out that they can easily be sprayed with a hose or cannon hydroseeders already own.  

Rick Hardy, Desert Mountain Corp.

JJ   I was experimenting with it, and was happy to find that I was able to use tac and water in the tank by itself and was able to have some pretty good success.  I was still experimenting with amounts of tac, along with different manufacturers, as the dry (drought) period ended here in Michigan. I was trying to stay away from the chlorides if I could as I didn't want to cause any additional corrosion issues with the TT 300EH that I have.  The largest project that I did was a newly cut road for a neighbor of mine that went back thru the woods for about a mile and a half.  He had to have just a huge amount of sand brought in as well, due to mud when he started. Dried mud and sand and topsoil that was exposed created just clouds of dust for his neighbors.  I made a boom and mounted it on the back of my 6 x 10' trailer, and did it that way, did the job. He also had a small lake that I was able to fill from, ( 4 minutes fill time ) which made it very quick.  I'm going to look into the Durasoil products for next year.  

As far as charging, I wasn't real sure how to go about that... so I charged by the tank load. The roads that I covered were pretty wide, and irregular, and also have been spraying all around his home construction area.  I do alot of work for this individual, tractor work, hydroseeding, etc.  with the hydroseeding often being very split up, and erratic as far as the area that he wanted covered, that is where I came up with the tank load pricing for him. I allow him to dictate where he wants it sprayed, (parts of the yard overseeding and repair) many of these areas would be very difficult to measure. We both seem to get what we need, and are both happy.  Let me know if there is anything else that I can assist you with.  I still have a lot to learn on both the hydroseeding and dust control ends, and am open to any suggestions. I will try to get over and take a photo or two of the area that I was doing for him.  Has been raining/snowing now.. but can at least get an idea of the size of the project.

Rick, maybe you can give us a little pricing info on the Durasoil products. I think I can find a market for dust control around my area. I am also interested in the product as a tackifier in my hydroseedering slurry.  To bad we dont get enough snow to worry about the icecontrol products.

Rick Hardy:
Muddstopper, I'd pefer not to get too much into pricing here in an open forum for a lot of reasons.  My Desert Mountain cell phone  number is 480-459-1333.  Give me a call and we'll discuss it.

In my earlier post I should have included a link to the Desert Mountain Corporation website.  They have several other dust control products that might be of value to hydroseeders, and there's an interesting Power Point presentation on dust control on the website.  Even though it primarily talks about road building, it's quite informative.

This afternoon, I dropped by Soilworks Corporate Office to pick-up some brochures.  They gave me a half-bag of their new powdered version of Soiltac.  I'm going to try it as a binder on the next few front yards I plant.  I can see some other real interesting possibilities with dry or liquid Soiltac.  For instance, every couple of years I've been hired to spray a poor man's version of BFM (heavy mulch and tack) over 112,000 s/f of  contaminated soil in 4' high windrows that are about 6' apart and about 500' long.  (Of course the customer isn't willing to pay for BFM.)  This stuff should out preform any BFM on the market for that purpose.

For you guys who do erosion control on roadsides, these products have some real obvious advantages over mulch and seed with conventional takifiers.  According to Soiltac, it won't inhibit germination, even at fairly heavy rates.  At times when it's too cold to germinate seed, this stuff can prevent erosion all by itself.   And that brings to mind some real opportunities for dormant seed applications and perhaps even applications without seed.  (Like that big pile of contaminated soil...)

For dirt roads themselves, Durasoil or some of Desert Mountain's other products might be more appropriate.


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