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Finn with a Kubota diesel- how many hours?

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Finn with a Kubota diesel- how many hours?


I am looking at a Finn hydroseeder with the 33.5 hp Kubota diesel engine.  The seeder has a little over 1300 hours.  I am curious what you guys think would be high hours?  I realize it all depends on the maintenance schedule and how it was ran, but what experience do any of you have with a machine over 1300 hours?  It is a 2003 model so it isn't very old.  I have a Bobcat with a 56 hp Kubota and 600 hours that doesn't miss a beat.  By the way it is a T-90 seeder.

Hours doesnt mean anything if the machine hasnt been maintained. With that said, the Kubota should run 3000hrs minimum with proper maintenance. I replaced the 16 hp kubota on my 1985 model machine this year, I can guarantee you this machine wasnt properly maintained. The hour meter had over 2000 hrs and had been broken for several years when I got it.

The rest of the machine might be suspect as well. Is the tank rusty, do the shaft seals leak, hows the pressure at the pump, do the paddles show lots of wear. With just 1300hrs and reasonable maintenance, the machine should last for several more years.

General rule of thumb for engine life expectancy under regualr maintenance is around 90-100 hours per HP for gasoline engines, and 120-140 per hp for diesel. Don't take that as gospel, but a reputable mechanic once told me that.

I Have seen Kubota diesels  run 5000 hrs+


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