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grease for a Finn T-90?

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grease for a Finn T-90?

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My Finn seeder has the automatic lubricator for the pump seal and it needs to be filled with grease.  The manual says to use sodium grease since it is water soluble.  My question is who sells this type of grease.  I would like to get it locally at an auto parts store or some place similar but have never even heard of sodium grease.  Any help would be great.

You can get some of the marine grease at a boat place. All I use is the red hi-temp grease and havent had any problems. In fact, I think it seems to last longer than the marine type grease.

The Finn grease is made by Lubriko.  Their phone number is 1-866-257-8891.  I believe their designation for it is M6.  

I keep the grease cup filled and often throw away any un-used grease every few months.  A one-pound can of it still lasts me a year to a year or two.  

I'm sure it would be cheaper if it were available locally, but I can't find anyone who carries it.  So I just buy it from Finn.

Rick is 100% accurate,   Lubriko m6


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Rick is 100% accurate,   Lubriko m6
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