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Finn T-90 diesel problem

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Finn T-90 diesel problem


I have a finn t-90 that is in excellent condition and typically runs really good.  This past season with the clutch disengaged and engaged the engine will occasionally bog down and sometimes even die.  The bog has nothing do to with the clutch or pump but seems to be fuel related.  Has anyone tried any injector cleaner or conditioner that actually works?  The fuel filter has been changed.  I would like to take it to a diesel mechanic or Finn but we keep getting jobs and can't have it down for an extended period.  Any ideas?

we had a problem and we found that there was a little plastic inline filter that we never even saw before. We were changing the regular large fuel filter and still getting the same problem. We changed the little inline filter and that solved it instantly..

I had a similar problem last season but would usually cut out altogether. Turns out it was the murphy switch ( the one you hold in while starting ) was corroded.

Yup, Little filter by battery box behind engine. That worked for us.

I have not even heard of that filter but I will be looking for it now.  Nothing makes me more upset than a piece of equipment that runs like crap in front of a customer.  Thanks for the replies.


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