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easy lawn l90

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easy lawn l90


does anyone have any information on the l90's pump. last year i think i was starting to loose pressue a little bit, just wasnt shooting as far as usual.
i would really like this situation to get fixed before the season starts, i hate fixing stuff in a rush. anyideas?

Easy grass may pop in with some thoughts and I am not all that familiar with Easy Lawns service items but usually unless it gets damaged a centrifugal pump will not loose pressure that fast.   I would suggest making sure that your suction lines do not have even the tiniest leak and that the gaskets in the hose fittings are in place.   Something like an air leak that is almost unnoticable in the suction line can devistate the power.   A plug in the suction line can also cause that.   In the few times I hear a problem like that with our units it almost always turns out to be something involving the suction line.

i did replace the 4 inch suction line that goes to the pump last year, was a pain in the but, everything was good as of last year. i will check the pump out this week, when i unbarry it from the snow. im gonna hope for the best.

sometimes i wish there was a service dept for these machines. be nice to have someone come out to look at things sometimes.

Not familiar with easy lawn at all but there must be some kind of spec on pump tolerance. Worn out spray nozzles will also cause loss of distance.


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