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hi i have a t60 finn we cannot adjust  the empeller to wear plate anymore (its pushed tothe max ) do we need a new empeller & wear plate ? & if so were can w get oe other than finn at a reasonable price

When you say wear plate do you mean the pump cover or do you have an older machine where there was a wear plate. When you adjust your pump tolerance do you do it with shims or the 4 bolts on the outside cover?  It makes a difference what you might need.  If I knew the serial # that would tell me alot.

Larry, Finn used several different pumps on the T60 hydroseeder. Mine was so old they didnt even have parts for it. What I did was I took the pump apart and placed the faceplate in my lathe. I turned the faceplate down until the surface was flat. I then turned down the flange (where its bolted together) on the faceplate to correct the clearance between the impeller and the resurfaced faceplate. My pump now has excellent pressure and the fix was about $4000 cheaper than the pump conversion kit that Finn sells to convert my old machine to something similar to their new T60. The castiron housings on the old finn pumps is pretty hefty and can stand the resurfaceing, You can also turndown the center portion of the housing on both sides to gain back the adjustability of the impeller/flaceplate clearances. It takes someone with a pretty big lathe in order to turn down the center portion of the pump housing. My lathe is a 14inch Monarch and the center section was still to big to clear the lathe bed. Your pump might or might not be similar to what mine is so I dont know if this procedure will work for you.

Hi again sorry for the delay in responding but i just got membership my modle # seeder is RUA-1018 i dont know if its got a old pump or newer pump fimm gave me a quote for 208 impeller & 293 wear plate now my ? is what wears n these parts is it the plate or empeller ?& u said that u turned down the wear plate flat is that the way its supposed to be ? cause mine is kinda tapered funny i also have a monark lathe

You have the newer type of pump. When you have no adjustment left it is recommended that you change both the impeller and suction cover. If you replace one or the other you will gain back some adjustment but obviously not as much as changing both. If you machine the suction cover back to being flat and true and replace just the impeller you will gain some adjustment but it also depends how much you have to take off your existing suction cover. Without seeing your impeller you may be better off to replace the suction cover first and see what things are like. The suction cover is what usually wears the most first. Depending how much you use your machine and it is not recommended but I have had a couple people put brass shims on the shaft behind the impeller bringing it out towards the suction cover. If you are only talking a few thousands it might work again its not recommended.


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