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I can tell you from experience that if you start adding shims behind the impeller, you will create a gap between the impeller and the the area around the shaft seal. this gap will fill with mulch and whatever else you run thru the pump and eventually the seal will fail. Been there done that. I havent had any of the newer pumps apart, but they look similar to the older pumps, just not as big. My pump has a 9-10? inch impeller while I think the newer pumps are only around 6 or 7 inches. Not positive on the sizes but hydroservice can correct me if I am wrong. Anyways, my pump is about 23 years old and the impeller still looked pretty good. What I call the faceplate is the same thing that hydroservice is calling the suction cover. This is where the slurry enters the pump and is what the impeller works against. If yours is looking tapered, its because of the wear and tear of slurry rubbing against it while the machine is pumping. Since you own a lathe, I would try machineing the suction cover down flat, but you will also have to machine the  bolt flange down to make up for whatever material you take off the flat portion of the plate. Otherwise, you wont be able to get the proper clearances between the impeller and faceplate, with a resulting loss of pumping ability. I took about .040 off the face of my cover because thats what it took to make it flat, and an equal amount off the bolt flange. I could have taken more off the bolt flange and regained some adjustability, but I intended to also turn down the center section. I had already taken the suction cover out of the lathe before I discovered that the center section wouldnt clear my lathe bed. I just didnt feel like taking the time to get the suction cover trued back up in the lathe again so i could turn it down some more. I figure If I have more problems later on that I can always take the center section to a friend with a bigger lathe and turn it down to regain adjustability. It lasted 23years before this rebuild and I will probably buy or build a new machine before it needs to be redone again.

I agree completley with mudstopper and the reasons for not putting shims behind the impeller. Only mentioned it because I have had to customers do it and they are still running the machines. Probably the exception to the rule or just lucky. If your time isn't worth anything all the lathe work can be done but if it was me I would just buy a new suction cover. Old one is off new one is on in less than 1 hr. Lathe work ???

thanks for all the ideas i will take the pump cover off & do some mesurements does anyone know who makes the pump that finn uses ? thanks again Bill for the phone call

You will have a hard time finding out who makes the pumps for finn as they are sort of proprietary. Not sure who you got your prices from but my pricelist shows them being less than you posted. $191.88, & $269.70 is what I have plus freight of course.


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