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Need info on finn t-60

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Need info on finn t-60

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Aqua Mulcher:
Hi all,
   I just purchased a used Finn t-60 TII and need some information.  Just took delivery this morning so first things first.  What is used to plug the bottom of the pump?  It doesn't seem to be a 3/8 MPT,  At least it won't just thread in.   Where is the horn supposed to be located?  The push button is located just to the right of the ign. switch and apparently doesn't work but I'd like to trace it to the horn if I can find it...
    The motor to the hose reel was missing so I ordered one from finn this morning, there is no tower.  Anyone out there have a tower they took off that they want to sell?   I'm charging the battery now to see how it runs, bought this sight unseen so hopefull everything works.
    This fall I'll need to do some repairs.   I'm very supprised with the amt of rusting along the top edge, can't be they cleaned it out.. ever...  It appears that the entire top can come by removing all the bolts around the perimeter  for servicing, is that correct.  Well enough for this morning, need to get to work... Thanks.:)

 Aqua Mulcher 400 and T-60 Finn

Aqua Mulcher:
Well since I charged the battery I've determined that the horn button goes to the hose reel.  The guy at Finn Corp. must be new there or was giving the bull this morning when he said it went to a horn.  Although thought that would be a good idea if it was on a  tower to comunicate with the driver the driver when operating the tower.   Would anyone out there have a manual on this machine that they would like to sell?  Gary

aqua, Give me a call if you want and I will tell you what I know. I've had finn for years. Call me at 603-744-8288 or pm me if you want. Its been a month since I've been here so your best to call if you want. I will try to check my pm later tonight if at all possible.

If the machine came without a tower there is probably no horn. Horn is located on the front of the machine underneath if it has one. Could easily be hooked up if it doesn't have one. Same type of button used for the reel is used for the horn. Removing bolts on the top will allow top to be removed. Gasket will be needed when putting the top back on. Pump plug should be 3/8 pipe plug. Threads may just be rusted up. If you got a hose reel motor from finn they can also get you a manual if you give them the serial# Which should be located on a silver plate on the passenger side front of the tank or frame. Tower is an option on the t-60 and can also be purchased from finn. Serial # is important if ordering this option. If you have a kohler engine be sure you have 14 volts or better from the stator to fully engage the electric clutch. As we are a full service and parts finn service provider feel free to ask more questions.

I have a t60 with the tower.  I haven't used it yet and I don't ever really see myself using it.  It has the nozzle sut attatched to it.  I'm not sure what it is worth but I might be interested if it is $$ worth it.

anyone know how much they are new?

My t60 is about 15 years old with over 700hrs on it and going strong. Good luck with yours.


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