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Has anyone ever used Terra Matrix SSM?

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Has anyone ever used Terra Matrix SSM?

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I am just wondering if anyone has ever used terra matrix SSM on an erosion control project. I am told it would be much more effective than using normal terra wood with tacking agent 3 and adding additional tack.

Has anyone found this to be true? I was told I didn't need to add any additional tack to the terra matrix mix.

I have used Terra Matrix. You don't have to add anything. It contains 5% guar gum tackifier and cross-link, so it will not become re-soluable after it has dried. You do need to apply it at 100% ground cover so it could be as high as 4,000 lbs. per acre depending on the topography. It will last up to 6 months, or until vegetation comes up and breaks it apart.

Thanks groundforce.

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FYI: You can mix straight wood with the DirtGlue and create a better BFM product then any of these type of mulches that can be really expensive!


North Hydro-
I think you mean TerraMatrix SMM.
I have used it several times and I can tell you it's quite a product. The 5% guar gum may not seem like much but the holding power of this matrix is incredible. It was well worth the money I paid for it in my opinion.
Just be sure to thoroughly wash out your tank afterwards as it can give a tremendous clog.


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