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Easy Lawn's Pump

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Easy Lawn's Pump

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I heard at one time but that was ages ago.   I think it might be Gorman Rupp.  Whoever it is there were in Ohio

If I remember it is Crane Pumps out of Piqua, Ohio. They make Crane, Barnes and Deming brands.

Your post jogged my memory a little Rocket.  I believe what I was told was Barnes.  We have always been pretty open that we use Monarch pumps but Easy Lawn prefers to not talk much about whose pump they use which is fine. 

I was waiting in the Marshalling yard to move into the Texas show probably 5 years ago and the Easy Lawn driver was behind me in line and we chatted a lot and he mentioned his last trip was to Barnes pump in Ohio to pick up pumps.   That was the first I ever heard who their supplier was and it was not something that mattered to me enough to keep in my memory bank.  I did remember the Ohio part and should have known it was not Gorman Rupp since I have toured their factory a long time ago and if it had been them it would have stayed in my memory.   Anyway I think you nailed it.

Thanks Rocket, I was hoping you would reply.... :D

Yes, thank you Rick


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