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slc tm35:
Just curious if any one has a tm35 if so do you like it,any break downs,any thing i should be aware of.thanks   chrisw.

I don't recall anyone saying they were using a TM35 lately but we have a lot of guys that use the larger Easy Lawn units. 

Jet machines in general are pretty reliable.  There aren't a lot of moving parts and not much to break down or cause problems.   I would assume that the TM35 is much like our jet units in that other than losing a nozzle once in a while and some wear on the hose since you are dragging it across dirt, roads, rocks etc there is not much to ever go wrong.  Hoses will usually last about 3-5 years. Unless someone runs a pump dry for a period of time or lets their pump freeze usually you can go almost forever without touching the pump.   

Hey Chris,
I have a TM 60.  I have had it for four years.  I just did replace some seals in the pump (normal for amount of hours I have on it).  That is the only maintenance I have had so far.  Turboguy is right, I will probably replace my hose this summer.  My machine has been very reliable.  I sometimes have to get down in the tank and unplug one of the jet holes when my slurry is thick.  Other than that I like the machine.   

Only issue i have is a few clogs here and there. But im also running 70/30 at a heavy rate on my l90..

However, today i got a new clog at a new location.. the elbow to the electril hose real..was i pissed..

had to unwind whole thing. unhook hose.. and  dig the clog out..

had a whole tank of hard fescue and wildflowers. almost 300 bucks in seed.... was not willing to loose that load... i got it tho..

Check with any suppliers in your area thats how I found my machine.


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