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Easy lawn ?

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Easy lawn ?

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Part 1.

Lets see if this will help.  All jet machines will clog up at some point in time. Now with the Easy Lawn and there jet tube sometimes it will get mulch packed inside and using  this set up will allow you to un clog your machine faster, and you can take the hose and flush it back in to the tank or you could put it out on the lawn or were ever. And this way you would not have to dump your load. Now everyone is different and some just want to do things that make it easier on them selves . Erik and I talked about how to make it easier and faster  for him. So with that, you can also use your spray hose to clean your tank out  and put your waste any were you want , really comes down to what works best for you.   :D

Part 2

Cleaning out  the tank.

1. Take spray tip off of your spray hose attach  your  ¾  coupler to garden hose and back flush hose back in to tank.

2. Close ball value on pump going to spray hose.

3. Add some water to tank start engine run your pump and flush tank and pump.

4.Open ball value on jet tube ( after placing your hose were you want the waste to go. ) flush everything out.

5. Shut engine off , open ball value on pump let drain, remove the plug on bottom of tank and let drain, while draining take garden hose and wash down inside of tank .

6. Replace plug on bottom of tank and close ball value on pump. You are done for the day.

P.S. short story run extra water in tank and recirculate  and flush hose in to tank and use the left over the next day.   ;D

slc tm35:
Easy i dont no if im wrong but u did not mention taking off the agaition cap and risne it out? Can i skip that step? Thanks chris w.

Chris,  are you talking about the end cap on the 3 '' jet tube?  Chris this is what we are talking about on this tm60 Erik had put a 3'' ball value with hose so he could clean out his tank faster.

slc tm35:
Sorry easy i see now

I am not quite sure with this as I have not had any experience with the 35s.  But judging from what I have read and heard about them, they are really easy to handle and you are just looking to do some small maintenance from time to time.

Though it would be automatic that the hose would need replacing every so often. So just regular maintenance I guess would already work.


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