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I also have a FINN trailer t60II. You wont be needing to add another pump  99% of the time. I pump uphill 150' with a pretty thick slurry. Finn=many trouble free years. Just keep it clean and maintained. I shoot all wood or 80/20. Call with questions @ 203-881-9419  Bill

Prolawn, Look at the EZlawn contractor 950 gallon. I think it has all the best features we talked about and a ss tank. $$$$$$$$$$$  Dont know?. Love my Finn but allways ask for more:( :D

If you have ever priced stainless the dollar amount difference in the price wouldnt suprise you as much when compareing machines. I priced 4 sheets of 3/16 mild steel and 4 sheets of 3/16 stainless and almost fell over. The stainless was $8500 verses the mild steel at $1600. I thought the $1600 was high until they told me the price of the stainless. One thing to consider is the longliveity of the stainless over the reg. steel. I thought about that for a minute and then thought, heck the machine I have is a 1969 model and it hasnt rusted thru yet, so with proper cleaning and regular spot repair of the coating,even a regular steel machine should last for years.


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