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has anyone had luck getting contacted or asked about Daily Landfill Cover?

I had a local landfill request information. The process looks simple enough, just looking to see if anyone else has done it, had luck, or ect

Is it an active landfill or one that is closed? My reply would be different for each one. Active landfill means daily work but usually not that much area. How far is it? can you leave a machine and materials on site? Does your schedule allow you to go there every day? Getting enough money to make it worth it and having to be there every day are the 2 big problems. Gordon was approached a few times over the years about doing daily cover on active landfills but never did any. I did do many closed landfills where the term daily landfill cover was used but was more they called us when they had a bunch ready. Some we did several days in a row to finish, hence daily landfill cover. Most landfills I seeded took several trips to finish. There is a fiber called "daily landfill cover".

Yes, active. like you mentioned daily work is great, but being available daily can be hard sometimes.

The hard part of getting enough money is that it usually isn't seeding just mulching.


When I worked for Central Fiber I sold there ADC to landfills and all of the landfills had there own machine. because it was cheaper for them to have there own machine since they had to cover the trash everyday and they could use it for seeding also. I know this dose not help you but if you are going to do this you would have to be there everyday when they are ready to close so you could cover the trash. and once a week they would cover with dirt, at least all the ones I have been to have to cover once a week with dirt. So your best bet is sell them your L90 and get them hooked up with CF and sell them ADC.  :D


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