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Qestion about the pump on my TM 60

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Qestion about the pump on my TM 60

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I have a TM-60 with an hpv 5 pump and a 13 hp briggs on it.  It runs and works but both are getting tired.  I would like to upgrade to a 22hp robins.  I called easy lawn and they said this was possible using my pump, just changing the impeller, valoute ect.  They said that with out changing these thing and just putting an bigger engine on it would not make a bit of difference in the performance.  I went to New England Grows today and spoke with a guy selling easy lawns and he said just go to a larger engine and I would notice a huge difference.  He said that he did not think it was necessary to mess with anything inside the pump.  Easy Lawns quote for all of the parts and engine was over $3,000, just the engine is around 1,200.  I know that in time I would probably be better changing everything over,  just looking for other opinions.  Also does anyone know if you can get parts for easy lawns pumps from any one other than easy lawn?  Thanks.

I can't help you with the question about the parts availability but I might be able to explain the advice you got that was a little contradictory.    Swapping out the engine alone will increase the performance a bit but not a lot.  The RPM of the engines is going to be about the same and so you would be turning the same impeller at the same RPM and it is going to have the same output.  Why that isn't totally true is that the larger engine would likely bog down a little less and it might in real life turn the impeller just a bit faster.   Going to the larger impeller would have you moving much more fluid and would have the greatest effect on performance. 

EasyGrass might be able to help on the parts supply.  I remember that Easy Lawns pumps are made in Ohio and my best guess is Barnes makes them but I could be wrong on that.  It might be possible to get parts from the pump manufactuerer but that is something I can only guess at.  I do recall that who made thier pumps came up before but finding that thread would be tougher than prodding my overcroweded and underused memory.

"Quote"  from Rocket on a post about Easy Lawn pumps.

"If I remember it is Crane Pumps out of Piqua, Ohio. They make Crane, Barnes and Deming brands."

As far as upgrading to bigger engine that would be fine , but if your impeller is worn out you need to replace it.
and by changing the Volute and impeller you will get better performance and with out upgrading to bigger engine.

Thanks.  I would like to upgrade both but just don't want to spend the 3 grand.  I'll have to start searching and see if I can find the parts cheeper than getting them from easy lawn.

PL. how many hours do you have on the motor?

And also, have you shimmed the pump ? replaced the impellar?

Talking with Dan last week at east lawn, he from what i understand, its very likly shimming is needed anytime you replace the impellar or vulute.

My smaller machine, the L90. has like 400 hours on it, and that motor runs as stong as the day i got it..
The pump on the other hand, could really use some help, I am pretty sure i need to shime it correctly...


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