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Qestion about the pump on my TM 60

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Qestion about the pump on my TM 60

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May I recommend taking apart the pump and inspecting the volute and impellor. If they look ok you may only need to upgrade your engine to a 20 hp Briggs and reshim the pump. Look for chips and scars on the surfaces. If they look good, reshim.  The backing plates for the Robin Subaru engine are different. This is why it would cost so much for parts to change engines. I would stick with the Briggs if possible. Good Luck.

I don't know how many hours are on either the motor or pump because I bought it used.  Since I owned it I have probably run 5 pallets of mulch through it.  I have never opened up the pump and inspected it so I guess that would be my first step to see whats going on.  I am fairly mechanically inclined and do most repairs myself, but pumps are new to me and I would rather have some knowledge before I get into it.

well here is a question for you..
what type of mulch are you running thru it.?

An issue i use to run into was very simple, if you let material stay in the tank over night or long peroid of time, it would dry up and clog the impeller, therfor greatly killing your pressure..

You might want to open that bad boy up, take a look, and while your at it, check to see if you need to shime it ...

I've been running mostly 70/30 with a little paper to thicken it up.  I know it was clogged real bad at the end of the season because it simply stopped spraying, it was so bad I could hardly even pull the motor over and it would not start.  I took the motor off and cleaned all of the mulch out of the suction end but I could not get the pump apart to clean out the back of it.  The guy at the grows show said I would need to go around with a screwdriver or flat chisel and hammer it until the case came apart.  When I tried this fall I could not make it budge and I was to hungover to keep trying with out breaking something so I stopped.  However just from unclogging the front of the impeller the machine acted like it was a different machine.  It was slowly getting worse and worse so I never realize how bad it really was until I cleaned it.  I clean the pump after ever use but never looked inside.  Next season I will be opening it up much more frequently.  After cleaning it the machine mixed better than it had since I got it but I still think the bigger motor would make a huge difference.

running 70/30 and paper to thicken it up?
How many bales of 70/30 are you putting in your tank? and about how much paper to thinkin up?

if you ever need assistance on ripping that pump apart let me know.. I am in NH, and i know how to take both my machines apart in about 25 minutes max.


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