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TM 60 Impeller removal

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TM 60 Impeller removal


Brand new to forum but have been seeding in New Zealand last 6 years.

My TM 60 has developed a leak from the pump shaft seal. I have taken the pump to bits but have reached a dead end when trying to remove the impeller. Has anyone removed one and if so how.


I have never taken an Easy Lawn pump apart but pumps pretty much are one of two ways.   The either use a keyed shaft and there is a retaining bolt on the end that holds it on.   If yours was that way I dont think you would be asking.

The other way they do it is to use a threaded shaft and the impeller is basically screwed on.  It sound like what you have.   On our units with the treaded shaft how I tell people to get them off is to take a hammer and a short piece of 2 x 4 or any piece of wood.   To unscrew the impeller you want to turn it counter clockwise if you are looking at it from the impeller side.   Just take the piece of wood and put it on one of the sharp impeller blades and tap it and it should loosen it up to where you can screw it off by hand.

We do have a number of guys who should know all about that pump and hopefully they will jump in soon.

If its the same as my L90. which i think it is, then it screaws off counter clock wise... now if its been on there for a while, it might be challenging at first. but it doesn come off...

A belated thanks a good smack or two and off she came.


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