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Hey guys Ive been getting great info with the help here so far this site is amazing.  One thing I have not been able to find while searching previous posts is any certain licensing requirements in NJ besides the HIC license when doing business.  Does anyone know if there are any more requirements for this? I know with my insurance there is a specific part for erosion control which I have put on but are there any requirements or licensing or do I just stick to the state standards?  As of now I have just been keeping up on PDH's so I'm up to speed on current things but any info you guys may have would be awsome. 

You may try asking Paydaze..that's his neck of the woods.

unless your doing govt work you'd need to get prequalified with all the state agencies.. but for residential/commerical i think your HIC is all you need!

You can always check with your states website.

Clutch there are so many formalities and procedures and you didn't mention exactly what you know? But at "" there is full information as well as PDF file is available with updated rules.Or you can hire any agent which will help you for all procedures.


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