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When do you know if your pump needs rebuilding?  It seems that I am getting less pressure than I have in the past.  Also, is rebuilding a pump a big job?  I have a 3 x 3 pump from easy lawn (don't know the pump brand).  Turboguy, you usually know what pumps everyone uses, is this one you would have a rebuild kit for, or do I need to get it from the pump manufacturer.  Any info on rebuilding a pump would be appreciated.

Easy Lawn has their own line of pumps but having said that most centrifugal pumps have few wear type parts, a seal normaly made of a ceramic type material that if worn out would be leaking between the pump and motor and possibly a steel wear plate that could be the cause of pressure loss, replacement really depends on location and how difficult seperating the two halves would be due to that location, there are other possibilities such as a partially plugged hose, valve, or fitting, especially in a tight 90 degree turn.

Well i agree with Hti on possiblities of clog somewhere, but i rebuilt my banjo 3x3 last fall and it was easy, it cost me about 200 bucks, took longer to dissamble it from motor than to replace all the internal parts. the is a wear plate a impeller and seals, also a few new bolts, just make sure you have the proper spacing from the plate and the impellor. Not sure what easy lawn uses but you should be able to contact them for parts.

Good Luck

Hey firedude,
Since you have a banjo pump heres a tip for you. When the pressure starts to drop you can reset the spacing between the impeller and the wear place to bring it back up to par. Another thing I did was to make a shim to place behind the wear plate, What I found was that as I reset the space between the impeller and wear plate, the back of the impeller was getting further away from the pump housing and letting material get behind it and locking the machine down. Placeing the shim behind the wear plate allowed me to put the impeller back to the housing and still have the proper clearance between the impeller and plate. I dont know if you can do the same for the easylawn pump or not but a shim is a lot cheaper that the other parts. I made my shim out of sheet metal.

I beleive that you can still adjust the impeller by loosing up the coller to he motor, put you feeler gauge in and retighten. I never really thought of readjusting the pump after som much use, THANKS MUDD !!!!!!!!!!!!

Well like they sa " you learn something new everyday"
:D :D

Help i am in desperate need of spelchek, lol


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