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I found that using a feeler guage to set the impeller was next to impossible. The finns on the impeller are also cut on a taper so proper placement of the feeler guage is also nessicary. What I found that works pretty good was to take an old hacksaw blade and grind the teeth off of it and place it between the impeller and wear plate. The blade is long enough to reach from top to bottom of the impeller and is still long enough to get a hold of to pull out after the clearance is set. I usually place the guage between the plate and impeller before I loosen the clamp on the shaft, that way the spring on the seal will push the impeller against the guage as I loosen the clamp. I have done mine so often that I can just about do it in the dark.

that is funny, after i placed that reply i forgot to mention that i used the same thing for feeler gauges, hacksaw blade with teeth ground off for the large opening and i used the blade with the side ground out to make it fit on both sides of the impellor to make sure that we had equal spacing. I thouhgt it was crazy at first but now i see i am not the only one, lol.

Hi Worth,

Someplace I have a note with the name of the pumps Easy Lawn uses, but I don't know if I could find it if I tried.   They are made in Ohio,  possibly goulds.    We are pretty open about whose pump we use.  Easy Lawn likes to keep that confidential which is fine.  There is nothing wrong with that.  You are probably going to have to get your repair parts from Easy Lawn.

There have been some very good comments about pumps and pump sericing here and I think I agree with all the things that have been said so far.  

Usually wear in a pump is that the material between the impeller and the volute have worn creating an opening that robs the power.   Shims can often be a cheap fix.  Otherwise the impeller and volute need to be replaced.   With some pumps that can be done without removing the housing from the engine.  Other times not.    You will probably have to replace the seal to boot.   You can try without.  

There are other causes of power loss.   A build up of fertilizer or material in the suction line can create a problem.  Even a tiny leak in the suction line can create a problem.   This is far more important than many people realize.   A bad gasket in the suction line can do it.  

If you have not run lime in your unit I would not rule out the problem being in the suction area.   There is also a possiblity of damage in the impeller.  Sometimes a vane can get knocked off the impeller by a rock or the like.

Let me explain what it is doing, maybe you guys can tell from my description.  With about 1/4 tank left, the pressure drops enough that I shut off the agitation, and just have it going thru the hose.  Once I shut off agitation, of course I have plenty of pressure.  If I pump the tank dry, it takes several seconds to prime the pump once I fill back up with water.  I have no leakes.  Another thing it does is that the pressure will rise and fall periodically while spraying or agitating.  I am not very familiar with the internal workings of the pump.  I have not had it apart,  so it would all be trial and error for me.  Again, any help is appreciated.  Thanx Worth

 it sounds to me like you are having suction problems. The pump should prime itself as soon as the water level reaches high enough to get to the pump. The surging sounds like it is cavitating which means it is sucking air or making its own air. I would take the suction line off and check it to make sure there wasnt anything blocking it, look in it dont just run something down it. Any restriction on the suction could cause this. I have also seen suction line collaspe on the inside, this is especialy true if you have the rubber suction hoses, seen this a lot with hydraulics, they have a tendence to come apart on the inside after a lot of use and old age.  If the suction line is clean you might have some broke finns on the impeller or the impeller to wear plate clearance is to wide. Most of the centrifical pumps should have a way of adjusting the clearances. As for taking these pumps apart, The impeller is the only moving part and it will only fit one way. The seal is the hardest part to replace and it just pushes in by hand no special tools needed. The hardest part is prying the two halves apart.


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