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Agitation holes.

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Agitation holes.

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I did contact the supplier, who then contacted central fiber. They said that they had not heard anything about bad mulch, but would refund my money on the mulch that I have. I defiantly trust Jeff's advice that's why I put the post up in the first place.  And thank you for the input Eric. When I sprayed today I actually used 3.5 bales instead of 4, got good coverage and had no issues. It does seem like the clogging usually happens between 3.5 and 4 bales. I am not drilling any holes larger any time soon, I really just wanted to see if any one had and what type of results they had.

Jeff Clouser:

I'm happy to hear that 3.5 bales worked out better for you.  Thanks for the tip Erik.  175 pounds of 70/30 is a more reasonable amount of mulch for a machine with a 550 gallon working capacity.  Glad to hear that Central Fiber took care of you.


TerrawoRx Services:

Glad to hear that the rate I suggested worked. Central Fiber is a great product but make sure you buy out of Canton and not from their Tyler, TX as the trash issues have been known to come from there. They are a great company and I am glad they were willing to work with you.

If you need any further advice please feel free to contact me at anytime. I think you still have my number.

Jeff, Im always glad to help... your very welcome!



Sprayed again today 3.5 bales in 450 gallons of water with no issues. There was some plastic and trash in the mix but it only clogged the spray nozzle. It's amazing how a half a bale makes so much difference. Thanks again for the help!

Regarding your mulch, many of the manufacturers allow the wood/cellulose percentages to fluctuate based upon the cost of cellulose (paper).  At one point in the last lear or so, the blended product from Profile was running almost 90% wood / 10% cellulose. 


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