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erosion control mulches

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 Does anyone have a suggestion for a cost effective hydromulch for steep sites with poor soil? The lower priced stuff I used did not hold up. A higher priced  product I used called soil guard did work but it is pretty expensive for the amount I need. Wondering also about tackifiers and if rate of application of would have mattered with the lower priced stuff.  Thanks. I am new to hydroseeding in N. Texas.

In a residential application I have just used regular wood mulch with floc loc tac. I apply it pretty heavy , the best I can describe the application rate would be I cover the area to 100% coverage no dirt exposed then go over it the again with the same amount. I seed areas that are tough to walk on because of how steep they are with good success . Besides the application rate the timing and follow up care is the key to it. I choose to do these jobs when it easy to get seed to pop and when I see no heavy rains in the forecast. I stress to the customer light frequent watering to get seed to pop then they won't have to worry about heavy rains washing it out. I usually say something to the tune of "don't wait for the rain because when it comes it will probably be to much". Once it pops between the spouts and remaining mulch it usually holds it self together while the rest of the seed fills in.

 I looked up the flocloc tac. Is there a rule of thumb for how much to use? Like for example how much per 1000 sq ft.  Also do you use more based on the slope?  Thanks for responding.

Hi.  Products like Soil Guard, Flexterra and a few others are indeed expensive in small or any quantities due ot the added products like synthetic fibers, activators and angel dust (proprietary products added to the blend).  The advantage to these products is that they are mixed in the factory and generally provide very consistent performance.

Home brews of your mulch, tack and special performance enhancing products are only as good as your guys on the seeder.  They generally will provide very good performance and keep some of you hard earned dollars in your pockets.

The flocloc tack product seems to be sold by Profile and is a PAM.  Adding too much PAM to you tank can seriously effect your mix's viscosity so be careful.  So, don't jump from the suggested 3# / acre to 6# or you can have problems.  (You can double check with your supplier to see what they suggest.)

About the best I can offer is to start with the manufacturers recommendations and increase the tack slightly as you apply it to see what works best.  3# per acre to 4# per acre, etc.  ** of course, adjust the amount of tack in your tank depending on how much mulch and your application rate. **

We just eye the tac and use the one jug 3lbs to a acre for a benchmark. You can add extra when needed but don't over do it. double or triple the application will cause problems . A little goes a long way.


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