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NW Hydroseeding:
How do you charge for erosion control jobs. I have been dong mostly lawns with the occasional erosion control job. I just purchased a new machine that can spray 100% wood so I can tackle more erosion control jobs. I charge $.10 per sqft for a 10,000sqft lawn. What should I charge for a 10,000sqft erosion control job. I guessing I should charge more because I usually put it on thicker on slopes. What about BFM and FGM pricing.  I have never used it but I am guessing it costs more than regular wood mulch.
Any advice would be appreciated.

I am not sure I can be much help with this but my pricing is about in line with yours for residential.   I do some erosion control jobs but have usually just been doing a heavier application of the same materials.  I have never used Flexterra or a BFM on a job.  With Flexterra you are going to pay more than double what you are paying for a wood mulch, maybe triple and it does need to be applied heavily so you are going to have more loads.  I would think about 15 cents a sq. ft. for a heavy application of wood mulch and 20-25 cents for Flexterra but I am guessing a bit.  Hopefully someone will post who has sprayed Flexterra.  I have only sprayed it when Profile came in and we tried it in our units which did fine.

Good Morning. 
In this part of the country, I need to ask if it is temporary or permanent erosion control.  Most of the regulatory agencies have a minimum requirements and your price needs to reflect that.  In the mid-Atlantic area, most ec projects are seeded / fertilized to meet the requirements and stabilized with straw or hay and then tacked (or secured) with paper mulch.
Prices can be very low.

Bowie Man:
Some factors to consider when pricing Erosion Control jobs.  The price of products like Flexterra can run up to 3 times the cost of wood mulch.  Additionally the rates are much higher 3,500 to 4,000lbs / acre.
For comparison you are shooting two jobs.
Job 1;  Wood mulch at 2,000lbs/acre = 40 bales/acre.   If you load 7 bales in your unit you can cover 7.600sqft/tank
Job 2; Flexterra mulch at 4,000lbs/acre = 80 bales/acre  That same load in the machine now only covers 3,800sqft

Not only is your material more expensive your labor and time on the job has easily doubled.

In all honesty we can't give you good numbers because we don't know your overhead. I can say in my part of the country i can do flextera for 15-19 cents a ft and make great money. I know my overhead and what things cost me. You need to figure out your costs and what you wanna make then you'll have an idea.


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