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Tips for Seeding with Finn T120

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Tips for Seeding with Finn T120



Located in SC, just purchased Finn T120 for Erosion Control measures, Residential jobs, and lots of shoulder work, and just looking for some tips.

I have seen the general load lighter/smaller products first, Ways Re-circ valve can help but also looking for really any all tips anyone has to offer!

I look to be shooting mostly 70/30 mulch blend, Type 3 at 2200 lbs per acre. Do I also need Tackifier if there is guar in the type of mulch I am using?

Also, anyone in SC know what a general rule of thumb for fertilizer is? I know a soil test is extremely important, but I am afraid the results will not be in prior to the job coming up. 10-10-10 is basic, but how do you feel about 19-24-19?

I have seen various recipes, but what ratio would be a good recipe using a good seeding rate for SC?
And also some people say 4 loads per acre to get steady, not overworking use of the Finn T120, some say it is safe to do 5 loads per acre. Some people use 9 bales per load using tower, and 8 bales when working with hose per load. Any suggestion for the best slurry consistency? Just want great results!

Also any helpful calculators?


I'm not in your area we are located in the northeast so I'm sure things may be a little different.
We run water throw in 3-4 bales then add seed and fert throw in a couple more bales add tack then the remaining bales.
Our loads are usually 8 bales with tac that we add ourselves ( profile floc loc ) we use 19-19-19 fertilizer so I I think 19-24-19 would work great for you . Sometimes if we haven't pumped down the load completely empty we will load only seven bales for the next load and shooting for tower we have been know to go to 9 bales..
As far as coverage 15,000 is a good average , depending on job sometimes down to 10,000sqft , I believe if you search the fourm their are calculators ..

Great. All good info. I was curious as to the subtracting of one bale due to residual product left in the tank. THanks for mentioning that and for the other rules of thumb.



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