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Hello, I'm here to learn!

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Hi everyone, I am new to this great site.  I have had my company for 15 years, which in this I time specialize in patios/walls/outdoor kitchens.  I have a 500gal. Hydro-Mite jet hydroseeder which has been great, but with the typical jet limitations.  I ordered a Bowie 800-Gas trailer unit, that should be here any day.  Beyond excited!

With my jet machine I never advertised and it kept somewhat busy.  With a lack of competition in my area, sod @ .26 sq.ft and I really enjoy hydroseeding I figured it's time to grow...

I know that I will have numerous questions so I wanted to introduce myself and if I can help with any of my hardscpae knowledge please let me know!

Thank You

Welcome to the forum PolishKing.  I think you are the first member we have had with a Hydro-Mite.  I always thought the Hydro-Mite units looked cool but never got to see one run.  As I recall they were made in Michigan for 3-4 years back 15 years or so ago.  I did always like the looks of their unit.

I am sure you will be thrilled with you new Bowie 800 gallon unit.  We appreciate you joining the forum and now with that new unit you should really think about joining the Hydro Seeding Association.  It will send a lot of new business your way.

Hi, yea a good friend of mine made them, Judkins Manufacturing. I got mine used in 05 for $4,500 and I changed the oil 2X since then, 20hp Briggs Vanguard motor.  Always cleaned the machine after each use, but that is it.

And I'm beyond excited for the new Bowie.  I started calling on machines in February, talked with Fynn first and then I talked with Larry from Bowie. Larry is the reason I bought one of his machines, I trust him.

I tried joining the hydroseed association, but had many user/online problems when doing my application...

Thanks again for reaching out!

Bowie Man:
Welcome to the forum. Larry is a very good and knowledgeable Bowie dealer and will provide you with excellent training and service.
My website may also provide some tips to get the most out of your Bowie 800.
Good luck and welcome

Hi Bowie Man, thanks for the message.  I'm trying to soak up as much info on hydroseeding as I can! I have a question for you, My local landscape supplies have zero knowledge about the different types of materials that are offered.  Any advice on what company to purchase mulch/seed/tack/fertilizer from?  Was hoping to find an intelligent sales person that knows a lot more than me!

I typically used 30lbs. Of 1/3 perennial rye/bluegrass/fescue, 4lbs. Of profile tack, 180lbs. Of 70/30 pellet mulch in a 500 gallon machine, fertilizeing with a broadcast spreader.  We are zone 5/6 in lower Michigan.  Used this mix because it's all I know.  And I typically had 40lbs. Of mulch in the bottom of the tank with no water left.  The clogs, downsizing hose lengths constantly because of low pressure, and always carrying Landscape staples to up plug the gun started to get real old.

You guys must build great machines, started looking on machine trader and found plenty of machines from the 80's still looking/running strong, while holding a strong sale price.  Seems like the main hydroseed companies all build great machines, all the owners/salesman were very professional and never talked bad about others machines.

Thanks for your time


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