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First off I want to apologize for the problems you had trying to join the Hydro Seeding Association.   There were some issues with the online cart part of the web site.  The web person who does the site had to do a full upgrade of both Joomla that powers the site and the sub program that does the online processing.  I think that is about 99%+ fixed right now.  The last I heard there was still an issue with someone doing the multi-year membership but everything else seemed to be fixed and that issue should be fixed now as well.  Most members find the membership will pay for itself 10 times over or more.  I know I get an amazing number of calls from my membership listing.   Hopefully you might take another shot at joining and if you still have problems email the executive director (Jennifer) and she can give you a call and do it over the phone.  The association email is  I do think you will find the membership one of the best decisions you can make (along with buying the Bowie).

I know Larry fairly well and I am sure he will give you great service.  Ed (BowieMan) is also a very helpful guy to know.  I do agree with you that Bowie builds a machine made to last and last and I am sure you will be happy with your decision. 

Thanks for the response, I will try again this week through that email. Thank You

So I imagine you are the owner of Turbo Turf?  I have a couple friends that have your machines. They usually seed around 8,000 sq.ft. Jobs, they take a lot of work away from the 3000 gal. Guys/Machines.  Everyone likes the plastic tank!

Yep, that is me.  If you ever want to change professions you can be a P.I.   :D

I think most of the guys with 3000 gallon machines would just as soon pass on the 8K jobs but yes the units we make are ideal for those jobs and people do love the plastic tanks.  That makes clean up a breeze and they never have to worry about rust.  If I recall correctly the Hydro-Mites I saw had fiberglass tanks .  That was the only one I can ever recall using fiberglass which would work fine as a tank material.  As I think more about that I believe the first jet unit on the market called Spray Baby which was before it's time also used a fiberglass tank. 

Your new Bowie should also be ideal for those 8K jobs.  I am sure your membership in the IAHP will help keep it busy.

So you build and use your own machines, doesn't get much better than that.  The hydro mite is a poly tank. The Banjo pump is a monster!  I actually went to Judkins who built my unit about building a mechanical machine even though they are out of the business now.  I sent him a pic of the Bowie and asked if he could build something  similar, he called me back laughing-he declined, a bit complicated...

And yes I sent my membership app. Again

On another note I would like to get in the erosion part of the business!  We are in Southwest Michigan along the lake.  The shoreline/houses are being destroyed from the warm winters without any ice.  People have installed new sea walls, but the problem is the sand/soil from the new sea wall to the house is eroding from lack of walls, vegetation etc.  I am very curious if any hydroseed products can/will work, lots of sand.  Any idea who/anyone very familiar with this part of the business.

Thanks Again

I think I only ever saw two Hydro-Mites and it has been a long, long time.  Both of the ones I saw were at shows.  I believe they did some marketing through Lesco at the time which would have been a good account to have.  That is probably what the call a Banjo 444 pump.  We have used some of those and it is a nice pump.  Some of the ones we used way back were with an OHC engine that left a lot to be desired. 

As for your seeding along the lake where they have put in new sea walls.  One option that might be good is to spray some Biotic Earth before you hydro seed.  I have never used the product but have seen rave reviews on it and it can be sprayed with your Bowie.  That would give you a good base for rooting and should give great results.   The closest I have come to spraying on sand is a tee area for a driving range at a golf course near here.  I would say we were spraying on 85% sand and just used our regular seed mix and it turned out fine.  If it is 100% sand that could be more of a problem.

Yep, I build and use my own machines.  I do enjoy the hydro seeding and try to stay to jobs that I will enjoy doing.  I like being out of the office in the fresh air.  It is sort of fun to seed a lawn and go back by it a few weeks later and see a beautiful lawn growing.  I get to meet a lot of really nice people as well.  When I am in the office I seem to end up with all the junk stuff.  My plant manager does a great job with production and I don't need to spend much time with that and my office and sales staff (which happens to be my daughter and son as far as sales go) do a great job with little supervision from me so I seem to end up with the junk stuff.  Calls from electric suppliers looking to save me money and from the real or fake charities looking for donations.  It is nice to be out and away from that.  Using the units does give me a chance to see how to improve the units and when we have a new model I can give it a better test than just shooting a few loads out in the back lot.  Last year we came out with the HM-400-T so I used one for most of the year in my seeding. 

I can understand Judkins not wanting to fool with a mechanically agitated machine.  When we started building them more than a decade ago we had to spend a lot of time on designing something we were happy with so doing it right would be a pretty good time investment. 


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