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Profile Green Armour Pricing


I have an opportunity to do a small green armour system (flexterra and enkamat) installation project in a small storm-water management spillway. Its only about 2500 sqft and as I have not done a green armour installation project I figured this would be a nice small low risk job to get my feet wet. It collects the water from the edge of a small parking lot. erosion control is major part of what I want to do with my business in the future so it certainly something I do not want to pass up. I am familiar with the installation process and pricing flexterra but wondered if anybody could give me some input as to price range for flexterra with enkamat. I know my cost per roll but would be interested in feedback on installation time or what sort of margin you like to make on it etc. as well as any do's and donts or things to watch out for that you have encountered. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. I am in Ontario Canada.


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