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Finn T120 Skid Center of Gravity?

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Finn T120 Skid Center of Gravity?


I have a Finn T120 Skid that I intend to Chassis Mount to a F550.  Does anyone know where the full hydroseeder Center of Gravity is?

In most cases, a 120 will need a sub frame to facilitate a chassis mount.  Most contractors just mount the 120 to an existing bed.  There are pick-up rings on the 120, and that is close to the center.  If you throw a reel and hose it will change things.

Thanks for the response.  The challenge with using the pickup rings, is that they are setup for an empty machine.  Fill it with water and the tank won't be centered.

If the truck has a gvwr of at least 23000 and cab to axle of 84" min center of gravity is not an issue when mounting the machine. T170 and larger it is. if you are lifting it loaded, why, just ahead of the lift rings would be about the center of gravity but i assume your lifting it with a forklift so you should be able to find it fairly easily.

Thanks, not lifting it loaded... that's funny though. 


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