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Hi I’m re-posting this from the new to hydroseed forum to see if I can get some more eyes on this.

Hydroseeding a hillside soon that has varying grade of 3:1 to 1:1. It is in a woods area where a lot of trees were taken down and has enough sun for grass now but still a tree stand but with more separation between then now.

Planning to use mostly paper mulch, fine fescue seed, fert, lime depending on soil, and tack.

A few questions.

1. Can I spray the whole area with full mixture with the cellulose , then go back and hit steeper sections with a second coat of BFM or RFM? If so, just spray the mulch and tack on second coat?

2. The area is tough to irrigate but I’d rather choose a dryish forecast and let the stand setup with light frequent irrigation as supposed to risk of wash out. If they can’t water every day, would every other still yield decent results? Should I instead time it with rain and risk washout?

3. Very difficult to prep soil because of grade. If soil is woodland understory soil, can I just take through it and hydromulch on top without tiling and get decent results?

4. Any additional tips?
Thank you all.

Doing two step hydroseeding is fairly common.  I would suggest you let the first coat dry a little before you apply the second coat.  That usually doesn't take very long.  Most people use the same mulch for the first and second coat but I don''t see where using paper mulch for the first coat and the BFM for the second coat would create any problems.  I think your plan sounds fine. 

I would want to avoid the rain on the day you hydroseed since it is a slope but if a rainy streak started the day after that could well be a plus as long as it isn't a torrential downpour. 

As far as getting the soil ready what you plan on should work fine.  I do tons of slopes and have had success with far worse prep. 

I can't think of any other tips for you.  It might help us come up with some tips if we knew roughly where you are. 

Thanks a lot for your reply. It gives me some more confidence going into the job. Here are some pictures attached. I’m in the Philly area.

There is a wood chip path that winds down the hill which would stay, but I’m going to move all the wood chips the tree guys left on the area to be seeded. Then move all loose sticks and debris. And finally just give it a scratch with a grading rake. No tilling or topsoil, unless I’m told it’s needed by someone who knows better.

I will till the flatter bottom area and grade that out. 

Forgot pictures

I think you will be fine.  The photos remind me of a seeding job I did at Raccoon State Park out on the western side of PA.  The soil looks pretty decent and if you get rid of the chips that should not be a problem.  Thanks for posting the photos.   


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