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Old Finn hydroseeder questions

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Old Finn hydroseeder questions



I am new to hydroseeding and found an old Finn. Which I bought to use after we had a massive wildfire.
I am only hoping to do 20-40 acres with this machine.
It has a 4 cylinder air cooled Wisconsin engine.
Does anyone know much about this old machine?
Any ideas about parts/upgrades available?
Finn says they can’t pull up the serial. 

Thanks in advance

i have more pictures but cant upload them.   Anyone with some info i can email them

thanks again

another picture

That machine is so obsolete you will have a hard time getting parts

Finn Guy:
Unless I'm mistaken, that's a 1979 model.  Like Hydroservice said, you're going to be on your own there with a project on your hands.  Your money would be better spent renting a current model machine for your job.  Depending on what your spread is on the job, a machine might pay for itself pretty quickly if it's something you're going to be pursue after this current job.  Call me if you have questions. 

Ron Ciolfi
Finn Corporation


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