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1995 Finn Auger Seals

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1995 Finn Auger Seals


Does anyone know where to buy these? Finn dealer said they only have 2? seals and the shaft size on my machine is 1.5?

Finn switched to 2" shafts around 1999 , so the 1.5 size is tough to get. The seal is nothing more than a rubber belt material. Best thing to do is get a piece of quarter or three eights scrap  belting from a local crushing plant and cut a 1,25" hole in it with a hole saw.It will fit nice and tight on the shaft. I have done this and it works good. Use the old seal as a template for the bolt holes and the center hole.

Awesome thank you I?ll try that

Finn Guy:
Finn carries 1.5" and 2" shafts, so the dealer should be able to get you the parts you need.  Ask your dealer parts rep to confirm with Finn parts.  I'm going to speculate it's due to the age of your machine that something specific is no longer supported, but it sounds like you should be able to still get something that is appropriate.


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