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Electric Clutch for T75

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Hi there,

I'm looking to find some replacement options for the clutch on our T75 machine. 
Does anyone have the Warner part number for the electric clutch on these machines?  If not where's the best place to find a reasonably priced replacement?

Thanks for the help.

Finn Guy:
Hello cdes,

I assume you've gone to a Finn dealer and priced it already and may have been taken aback at the price.  You could ask your dealer if they can share info so that you may shop elsewhere, some might be reluctant to do so, but it's worth asking.  Try Hydrograss at 800-451-8838 or Bobcat of Buffalo at 716-625-6092. Are you not able to find identifying info on the clutch, or have you not removed it yet?

Would love to know the outcome as I?m trying to find a replacement clutch for our t60 and the dealer price is amazingly high. Any make or model number I can use would be really appreciated.

The original clutch in the t-75 is obsolete. The clutch kit that Finn has is the only replacement I have found. I talked with warner and ogura and there is nothing

Wow, the season went by quickly!
Ended up taking the clutch to a local automotive clutch shop and had it resurfaced.  Reinstalled with fresh electrical connections.
Worked flawlessly for another 500 hours this season.  Can't say the same about the rest of the machine, but at least the clutch isn't the problem!


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